Based in Greater Yellowstone and New York City, 3fwild is a design practice that puts design skills at the service of vast open lands and dense urban fabric.
Learning from and working in both types of environments, 3fwild applies the skills of landscape design, urban design and community engagement to the following goals:

  • Wildlife conservation
  • Landscape & urban connectivity
  • Inclusive urban environment
  • Climate change mitigation & adaptation
  • Sense of place

3fwild’s areas of expertise:
  • Urban design
  • Site and landscape design
  • Landscape planning
  • Visioning
  • Flood resiliency
  • Sustainable environmental systems
  • Community engagement & visioning
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration & project management
  • Site programming
  • Design research

Why Greater Yellowstone and New York City?While opposite in character, these places can both create cohesive environments that are critical for our and wildlife’s ability to respond to the environmental crisis. What is more, both provide us with a strong sense of place and connection. Learning from and strengthening both our vast open lands and dense urban environments is essential for a sustainable future.

3fwild is open for project opportunities. Please reach out at

Website design and identity in collaboration with Ruyun Xiao.


Sonya Gimon’s studio at Montana State University investigates residential landscapes through the lens of climate resilience.
Bozeman Chronicle

Sonya Gimon spoke at LABash, Manhattan, KS on Democratic Practice in Design.

2022Sonya Gimon spoke at ASLA National, San Francisco, CA on Experiments in Access, Inclusivity, and Choice: Temporary Installations in Public Space.

Sonya Gimon was named a 2022 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in the category of Architecture /Environmental Structures/Design.

WIP Collaborative’s proposal “The Neurodiverse City” wins Design Trust for Public Space RFP that envisions a more inclusive New York City.
Design Trust for Public Space

WIP Collaborative: Women in Practice/Work in Progress.
Columbia GSAPP

Reimagining Place Together: Taconic Fellows And Rockaway Residents Envision Landfill’s Future.